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          We are assisting our friend Denny Waterbury in selling his 6 GSP pups, (4 males & 2 females) shown below whelped on 10/3/2015. 

           The Litter Sire “Boog” came from our 4/28/08  Gus/Ruby litter & the Litter Dam “Ariel” came from our 7/5/11 Mickey/Stormy litter. Denny is selling the pups for $500. (male or female)
        We are only using our website for information purposes. If  your interested in a pup from this litter please call or text Denny at (360) 581-5728
    Today Denny sent me a short video of the pups at 20 days old in their whelping box. To view the video click  “Here”
   11/08/15: As of today, there are two males still available. One male is solid liver & the other male white/liver/ patched & ticked. To view some updated photos of the two males close to 5 weeks old that Denny sent me today click  “Here"
 If you have any questions or are interested in a particular pup or would like additional photos of the two remaining pups please call or text  Denny at  (360) 581-5728 
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